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You are idiots. #Jedward

So I don’t pretend to be the biggest jedward fan because I’m not. I like them and their songs but I don’t feel the need to obsess about them. Obsessing is fine though I do the same with Lord Of The Rings. but all these freaks saying Cest is fine? JUST NO its not only illegal but vile and gross, where have all your morals gone? its sick! Erm hello they are twins for Christ sake.

They look so handsome and innocent and cute and if it every came out that the cest thing was true they would be ruined. I mean of course they would be on a couple of chat shows defending themselves but after that TV won’t have them, No one will sign them and YouTube would probably close their channel because Cest is illegal. I don’t for one second believe its true though because I know under that funny sexy care free exterior they are smart sensible guys. and I love them. :)

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